– Physics and Modernity – Hadrontherapy, Nuclear Physics, WWW, and everyday life

This workshop aims to deepen the participants’ understanding of the significant role that scientific inquiry and technological innovation have played in our everyday lives, providing a platform to analyse the contributions that physics has made to the development of technologies which have revolutionised how we live and interact with each other today. From the development of the internet, to the breakthroughs which are constantly being made in fields of medical science, participants will be asked to consider how the past can inform the future.

– Dr. Strangelove – from Los Alamos to Stockholm

This workshop will highlight the significant role that nuclear physics has played in global politics and conflict since the Second World War, from the very first classified studies on nuclear devices, to the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize granted to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. As participants come face to face with Cold War rationality, we will ask: Do we still love the bomb?

– Old Science – Physics from the ancient to the early modern

Science and the study of physical phenomena have always played a pivotal role in the growth and development of civilisations, leading to discoveries that have significantly altered societies. This workshop aims to understand the effects that proto- and ancient sciences – from haruspicy to astronomy – have had on human history.

– Science, History, Education – teaching the teachers of tomorrow

Scientific outreach and education play a prominent role in shaping popular scientific discourse, having the power to raise citizens’ awarenesses of the many contemporary social and scientific challenges that we face today. This workshop will examine the methods that public educators can employ to better communicate scientific ideas to young and popular audiences to ensure future generations are better able to analyse future challenges from both scientific and historical perspectives.

More information to follow so stay tuned!