Organising Committee


Alexandra Leonzini


Mattia Ivaldi


Alessandra Lorenzo

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Workshop Leaders

Ryan Glauser
Marco Morrone
Dario Prati
Charlotte Sophie Kohrs
Sofia Ferreira Teixeira

Organising Associations

The International Students of History Association (ISHA) is an international NGO. Its goals are to facilitate communication and provide a platform of exchange for students of History and related sciences on an international level. ISHA believes that international perspectives constitute an important part of every student’s education. Membership is open for students (undergraduate through PhD) from all disciplines and backgrounds with an interest in history and historical science. Throughout the academic year, the various member sections take turns organizing several seminars and an Annual Conference. These events usually last several days with up to a hundred student participants from around Europe, and comprise workshops, discussions and presentations on various topics, in addition to a cultural programme consisting of historic city tours, museum visits and excursions. ISHA’s Journal Carnival is a yearly publication and is open to contributions from all students of history and related sciences (not only ISHA members).

The International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) is an umbrella NGO and non-for-profit association that gathers Physics students and societies from all over the world. Today IAPS counts 15 National Committees and 19 Local Committees for a total of more than 60 000 members, from Canada to Mexico, from Finland to Nigeria, from Turkey to Nepal, to Malaysia. The aims of IAPS are to introduce Physics students to an international and peaceful community, encouraging them in their academic and professional career, fostering a collaborative attitude among them, and to organize conferences and events entirely run by students for students.

The Italian Association of Physics Students (AISF) is the IAPS National Committee for Italy and comprises more than 800 Italian students and 13 Local Committee over the country. AISF is one of the most active IAPS NCs and annually organizes a wide programme of events. It collaborates with the most important and prestigious Italian universities, societies and research centers, such as SIF, INFN and CNR, amongst others.