The registrations are now closed.

Please note that, upon registration, you will be asked for personal details (such as name, surname, date of birth, university affiliation, passport number et al.) and a 150 word text to describe your motivation to take part in the event. Please also note that the event is open only to ISHA and IAPS members: if you are not a member of either organisation at the moment of the registration, the membership fee of the association you wish to join will be added to the HYPE participation fee.

40 places are available; 20 to ISHA members and 20 to IAPS members. Of the 40 participation places available, 30 will be granted to individuals requiring accommodation (participation fee of 70 €) and 10 to individuals who do not require accommodation or are happy to organise it on their own (participation fee of 50 €). The participation fee covers participation in all scheduled activities, all meals and coffee breaks throughout the event (including breakfast), and accommodation (if required) for two nights.